Some Recent Records in “Making America Great Again”

Here are my observations of some things for which the man in the Oval Office will be known. His name will forever be attached to his legacy of accomplishments during his, hopefully, one term:

  • ➡️ Highest one day drop of value in the stock market in over 40 years
  • ➡️ Highest one day gain in the stock market
  • ➡️ Largest number of unemployment numbers in a single week
  • ➡️ Highest number of Covid-19 in the world
  • ➡️ First time so many businesses have been shuttered so quickly
  • ➡️ First time medical professionals have run out of supplies as a national crisis
  • ➡️ Largest bailout/stimulus
  • ➡️ Ended longest ever period of economic job growth
  • ➡️ First time our society had to be on a massive shelter-in-place
  • All this in just the past week!

    So glad we are “Making America Great Again!”

    I’m not sure we can survive 45 making it any more great.

    Can we?

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