We Can Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time

Main stream media, we, the consumer of your news, can walk and chew gum at the same time! In case you needed reminding.

I know the Coronavirus has us all on edge. This is the biggest story you will most likely ever cover. I get that, and there is a whole lot of other things going on at the same time! The man in the Oval Office and his henchmen are not sitting around all day trying to figure out how to help us. They are still trying to figure out how to milk the country for all its worth even as people are dying of the virus at ever increasing rates.

If you all were doing the job of a journalist, we would not only hear news about COVID-19, we would also hear more about what Congress is doing to the poor with the bail-outs they have already signed and what they are still negotiating.

We would know more about McConnell sending the Senate home for a three-day weekend in the middle of a pandemic.

We would know more about the Department of Justice quietly asking Congress to broaden its powers. Those powers would include the ability to detain people indefinitely without trial during emergencies. And that is just one of their requests.

We would know the man in the Oval Office still hasn’t officially called for the use of the Defense Production Act. Which means, all the things he has said are on the way, probably aren’t.

Do we need to know about the Coronavirus and what the politicians are doing to help us through it? Of course we do.

However, we also need to know about how forces are working to move us closer to authoritarian rule.

After all, once this pandemic ends, and it will, we must ask ourselves what kind of country do we want to return to in living our lives as Americans.

Personally I want to have our civil liberties, our freedom of movement, our free elections, our Democracy.

I would hope main stream media, all of us, want the same thing. Right?

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