Tasty Mistakes

You all know I love to cook and to bake. I’ve done a bit of those this week (Note to self: if going to cook, bake and eat, probably should do some exercise somewhere in there too).

On the menu were banana bread, blueberry muffins, several quarts of pasta sauce, and a mistake bread—basil and rosemary.

I call it the mistake bread because it was supposed to be rosemary bread, which I make about every other loaf because it is so good. Today, when I took out what I thought was rosemary, because gasp!, it was in the rosemary spot, when I poured it into the bread, it didn’t look right. In reading the label after it was too late (Note 2 to self: read the label every time), I see it is basil, not rosemary.

As I said, it was already in the mix, taking it out was not an option. And, with us being in basic rationing mode with people buying every baking item in the store leaving little to none for the rest of us, tossing it and trying again was not a prudent option. Instead, I went ahead and threw in some rosemary, after utilizing my literacy skills, and turned the bread maker on.

After taking the dough out of the bread maker for the second proof, the oven bake, and some cooling, I finally cut into it this evening.

Guess what?!

The bread was delicious! It will be fabulous with some butter, peanut butter or cold cuts.

Two morals to the story: 1) Read labels to double check I have the ingredient I want; and 2) Don’t sweat if I do make a mistake as it will probably turn out okay.

What have you cooked or baked this week you are enjoying? What are you doing for exercise as we practice social distancing? I’d love to hear your answers.

Be safe, stay well!

P.S.–As we lived dangerously by going to Costco, my hubby surprised me by seeing Baking from Scratch Volume 4, and knowing I would want it. Bonus read during isolation!

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