A Visit with the New Grandson

This weekend, we finally were able to meet our new grandson. What an exciting time it was!

We went over to my son’s apartment bearing gifts from a grandma, an aunt and us. Little O now has many new clothes, wipes and diapers, and an OSU Buckeye shirt (thanks Aunt Barb and Aunt Nancy). My husband and I hadn’t wanted to get a bunch of stuff ourselves until we found out what they still needed for our grandson. We ended up buying a cool multi-purpose bassinet—it has a changing table, sleeping bed, semi-crib, and a small playpen/sleeping area as Little O grows. It was so much fun picking it out as Richard and I had to take every one of the bassinets down to test them out for sturdiness and efficiency.

When the baby arrived, my husband’s first comment was about how small Little O was (he just had his monthly check-up and was a little over eight pounds now). I will freely admit, after washing my hands, I jumped in line to hold Little O (sorry Richard). Little O is a very well-behaved, slept most of the time and almost no fuss at all for the entire time we got to see him.

I finally relented to let Richard have his turn. After a quick lesson on how to hold a baby, he was in Richard’s arms. For both of us, it had been love at first sight just seeing the ultrasound, and then the first baby pictures, but it was so so much better to actually get to see and hold him. It is amazing how much love can be felt towards such a small being and how much the need to protect Little O was immediately.

The funniest part of the visit was a reaction by Richard. After I had burped Little O, it was Richard’s turn again. As he was rocking him, Little O let it rip with some major pooping going on. Richard’s face was precious, especially when he asked, “What was that?” I replied he was pooping and don’t worry, he’s probably not finished yet. That was when the smell hit. Never a dull moment in parenthood, and apparently the same as a grandparent.

Over the two days of our visit, we were able to spend a lot of time with our grandson, son, and his girlfriend, and her family. It was nice to see they are taking care of one another.

It was a rocky start in the beginning when they started dating. Together we have all moved on from that moment. Throughout the visit, we also got to know Claudia better as she was willing to share some of her life story with us.

The bottom line is they both care and want what is best for their new son. As grandparents and parents, that is the most important thing in the end.

We are leaving happy and with full hearts!

We’ll be back Little O! ❤️❤️❤️

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