MSM, Take a Lesson

It is quite sad when a member of the press, your peer, is excluded or berated for the simple reason he or she did not bow down to Mr. Trump or one of his lackeys.

This has happened not once, not twice, not thrice, but at least four times in recent history. They either lost their press credentials, were berated, left on the tarmac or deliberately snubbed.

And guess what? No other news organization or anchor, none of you, stood with your peers, or truly stood up for your peers. You left them all hanging out to dry, because hey, it wasn’t you!

Thinking it won’t be you is an interesting thought when we have someone in the Oval Office who believes only stories praising him should be written.

That is what totalitarian rule looks like under an authoritarian leader.

The sad, and shameful, thing is, you keep going back like lap dogs getting kicked around, but seem to think attention is attention.

You then wonder why no one wants to buy your papers or watch your programs. It is because you have lost your journalistic integrity.

As a whole, mainstream media has become too close to those they are supposed to monitor and hold accountable. When you get close to someone, objectivity becomes harder. You don’t want to hurt the feelings, or “bad-mouth,” your “friend”, therefore you give them the benefit of the doubt or just outright choose to ignore the facts before you even when withholding those facts do us all harm.

The British press got it right when some of their peers were about to be excluded. Rather than say, ” See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!”, they walked out in solidarity.

Would it really hurt you to start standing up for your peers, standing up to Elites and Trumpists before they bring the Constitution to an end?

Have you even thought about the fact if the Constitution is gone, and an authoritarian is leading what used to be The United States of America, there will be no First Amendment. If history tells us nothing, when an authoritarian comes into full power, members of the press, academics and perceived enemies are among the first to “disappear.”

I’m sure you don’t want this to happen anymore than I do, than We the People do.

So please, get your heads out of the sand, stop worrying about access and profits, and do your jobs by speaking truth to power as loud as you can, while you can, for as long as you can!

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