Time for the Fourth Pillar to Stand-up to Do Right

We are at the point where our Democracy, our Republic, our Country is about to be legally handed over to a tyrant, an authoritarian, a dictator, a Trumpist.

The House of Representatives has done its part. Brave witnesses have done their part. Protesters have done a part. Constituents have done their part. Now it is time for the Fourth Pillar of Democracy to do their part.

I call on you to do your part to save our Constitution and our Country because you have been complicit, as a whole, in getting us to where we are. You gave an astronomical amount of free press to Mr. Trump as a candidate, and you can’t seem to turn away from his lies as he sits in the Oval Office.

It is time for you to step up and show you care about your First Amendment rights, you respect the Office of the Presidency, and about us, We the People.

If you truly do care, then all of you will have one unanimous headline on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 that is above the fold, nay the entire front page. The headline should be:

The United States Senate must do their Constitutional Duty and Convict, then Remove, Donald J. Trump from the Office of President.

Then, you must actually be journalists and factually write out each and every piece of evidence showing Mr. Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors due to abusing his oath of office. This would include the evidence the Senators have refused to allow to-date and new evidence which has come out since voting against witnesses last week.

If you do not call for conviction and removal, it will demonstrate to the American people you care nothing for the Country nor for us. It will demonstrate you care more about ratings and profits than the people of the United State of America.

I have faith you will do the right thing and be for Country over Profit in this instance. If there has ever been a time to stand for the right thing, it is now.

Be a pillar and stand with We the People and the Constitution.

#thetruthmustbetold. #countryoverprofit