All Heil King Trump I

Doesn’t roll off the tongue does it? Regardless, get used to it.

With the Senate vote of January 31, 2020, we now live in a monarchy at best, a dictator at worst. If a monarchy, it won’t be the type we associate with Queen Elizabeth II, a constitutional stickler, but more of an Ivan the Terrible. If a dictatorship, I’m pretty sure we are probably going to see worse than Hitler or Stalin or Putin.

After the Senate vote, by those who call themselves Republicans, because they did not listen to the will of the people, but the will of Trump, I’m hoping they will finally be called what they are, the Trumpist Party. It will be Mr. Trump now as he has disgraced the Office of the President. Any Trump supporter in the Senate or House will be called Mr. or Mrs. rather than Senator or Representative, as they too have disgraced the office they hold.

They have disgraced it not because of policy differences. Policy differences are normal and expected. A good Democracy and Republic can have opposing views, healthy debates, and still be a united country. They have disgraced their office because they are blindly following someone who has no regard or respect for the rule of law and the Constitution.

We don’t have a healthy Democratic Republic anymore. What we have is a group of rich white people who believe the United States is here to do their almighty bidding and to rape the country of its resources, human and natural.

We don’t have a healthy Democratic Republic anymore. What we have is Mr. Trump, a non-leader who believes he is above the law, acts as if he is above the law, and is not held accountable to the law in any shape or form by the very people elected to hold him accountable to the Constitution and the Law.

We don’t have a healthy Democratic Republic anymore. What we have is 51 Trumpists in the Senate and 197 in the House, disguised as Republicans, who have shirked their duty to hold Mr. Trump accountable, gotten in bed with monied people, and forgotten the people.

We don’t have a healthy Democratic Republic anymore. What we have is 34% of 28% of registered voters holding our country hostage to an authoritarian. 14,572,264 people are holding 329,450,000 hostage to a tyrant. The elected Trumpists are afraid of this tyrant because they fear how 14,572,264 people will feel about them over the 28,287,336 whom don’t support Mr. Trump and the other 138,497,736 registered voters.

Think about this. The elected Trumpists are afraid of 10% of registered voters and 4% of the United States population in a country gerrymandered in their favor. Talk about skewed loyalties.

I encourage, strongly encourage, all reputable news agencies (I hope there are still some out there), reputable journalists, reputable bloggers, reputable Tweeters, reputable people, begin using the more accurate terms.

Do not give respect to people who do not deserve our respect, in fact, have not earned our respect. Use Mr. or Mrs., not Senator or Representative or President. Use Trumpist, not Republican.

Stand up for the country while we still have a small window of time to do so. Only we can do that. If we don’t stand-up, then our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren, etc., will not have the opportunity to live as free, not necessarily as grand as we might have hoped, but a freer country than what lies ahead for them otherwise.

Live for the infinite game not the finite game. It is no longer, if it ever was, about us. It is about the lives we want for future generations, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, or all the other wonderful mix that makes the United States of America the once shining beacon of the world.

We can have it again, but only if we all stand up and be counted, and make our voices louder and our vision greater than the Trumpists do.

Who will stand with me, for us?

One thought on “All Heil King Trump I

  1. unfortunately what you say is true.We need to do whatever it take to become more powerful than IQ45 and his trumpets
    love reading your blogs
    love you


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