Question: Why is Biden Still Ahead in the National Polls?

Source:, Mike Blake/Reuters

Joe Biden should be hanging his head in shame.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden recently stated he will not comply with a Senate subpoena around the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Then, he double-downed on his statement.

This is a man who is running for the Presidency of the United States. A man who is ahead in national polls. A man who says he wants to bring the country back from Trumpism.

And yet, here Joe Biden is, acting just like President Trump. Here is Joe Biden believing, as does President Trump, he is above the law. Here is Joe Biden showing us who he really is as a citizen of the United States.

I could understand if he said he would go to court to challenge the subpoena. I could understand if he submitted to the subpoena and then continued to answer over and over his testimony has nothing to do with the Russian propaganda put forth by Republicans regarding the Ukraine.

But, I do not understand why anyone running for the highest office in our Democracy, our Republic, who is supposed to uphold the laws of said Democracy, said Republic, decides he will not follow a lawful subpoena regardless of his opinion of being subpoenaed.

In stating this, it really makes him no better than our current tyrant and despot sitting in the Oval Office.

Time to wake-up folks!

We have plenty of candidates who will follow and uphold the laws of the land, who want to bring us back from the brink of authoritarianism, who are thinking about the day after President Trump leaves office.

Why, oh why, are so many people wanting Joe Biden to be our next president? He is showing us his true colors and who he truly is. Let’s not make the same mistake twice in a row.

Please wake-up and move your allegiance, your vote, your honor to one of the other worthy candidates: Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Julián Castro, Elizabeth Warren or even Andrew Yang.

Please wake-up to the real Joe Biden before it is too late.

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