Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I’d get all my thanks in today as I’m taking a break from social media on Thanksgiving day.

Here are the top things for which I am thankful in my life:

  • My job, which came at just the right time. Finding one was a little rocky at the beginning of the move, especially since I had hoped to become a principal upon moving here. For now, it has given me purpose, allowed me to see a variety of schools around the state and meet some great educators, and to work with a good team.
  • We couldn’t have better neighbors. We all got to know one another while our homes were being built. Trading food, watching out for one another’s homes, good conversations, friendly and yards kept up—what more could one ask for in a neighbor.
  • Being closer to my immediate family has been very good. I’ve been able to see them more often, allowed me to be there to help my mom in a more timely manner, and I’m close enough to they can come visit me more easily. It has been quite nice to be able to go to BBQs or other family events without worrying about flights and such.
  • Our house, and even more specifically my kitchen. It was built as our dream house, you know the one where you’ve decided you are going to die in it, so just bury me in the back yard kind of house. It has lived up to what we wanted and more. It feels just the right size (but don’t tell Richard I said so), and the kitchen has brought me lots of joy.
  • My friends. I am blessed to have friends near and far who have seen me through thick and thin. Although I don’t get to see all of them as often as I’d like (it’s been years for some), there isn’t a day that goes by where they aren’t in my thoughts.
  • Trinity. I knew I missed her, but I didn’t know how much until she finally got here. Everyday she is there to great me at the door and no matter what, she is happy to see me. She’s my shadow and I just can’t help feeling like I matter when she looks at me.
  • The people I consider my family, blood and chosen. Each of them adds to my life in ways they don’t even know and for which I could never put into words that would express how I feel about each and every one of them. They have helped shape who I am and to believe in the potential of who I might still become.
  • For my teens—they may drive me nuts, they make decisions that makes me want to beat my head against the wall, they make…well you get the idea. The bottom line though is, I love them and am glad they are a part of my life.
  • That my husband and I are back together after being a part during the transition from New Mexico to Indiana. He is truly the other “half” that makes me “whole”. I can no longer imagine life without him as a part of it. Just being near him still makes my heart go a-flutter. Love you!

What are you thankful for this year?

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