Speaker Pelosi is Wrong

Ever since the 2018 congressional elections, I’ve often heard the election was about healthcare. Politicians are saying it, pundits are saying it and main stream media has been saying it.

What I know from the circle of people who have shared their reasons for voting Democratic was about healthcare, but, and it is a big but, the main reason was to put a stop to the Trump crazy. I am in that group who voted to stop the Trump crazy.

Healthcare, immigration, education, the economy, the U.S. oligarchs, and more are important to me. However, the Trump crazy is what has scared me the most, and the fact most Republican politicians are now as crazy as he is in their actions.

The sad thing is, it seems Speaker Pelosi has it in her mind the votes were mainly about healthcare too. It makes me wonder if she personally listens to any of the messages coming to her from across the country, her e-mails, the tweets she receives about her power, or even her peers in the House—rather her lack of using her power.

Because she refuses to support an official Impeachment Inquiry, we continue to have Trump crazy. Because she still seems believes we are in a normal political climate, we continue to have Trump crazy. Because she seems to refuse to acknowledge the facts before her very eyes, we continue to have Trump crazy.

And, because she is squandering the power she has as Speaker of the House, we continue to have Trump crazy.

I’m quickly becoming very angry and disenfranchised by her leadership of the Democratic Party. I’m quickly beginning to think my vote, and the votes of so many millions of others, were in vain.

I mean, why elect the opposing party if they aren’t really going to oppose what is happening in our country?

Speaker Pelosi, if you aren’t going to actually help to stop the Trump crazy, please step down and let someone else lead and have her or her place in history as one of the saviors of our country!

If an official Impeachment Inquiry, fully supported by Speaker Pelosi, doesn’t happen soon, I will look to see what third party candidates have the same values I do and has a great vision for our country for whom to vote (and I will work to convince others to vote third party as well).

For President, I will vote blue no matter who. I won’t have that same allegiance to other Democratic candidates since they have let the nation down in so many ways.

What are your thoughts?

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