Trump is right, MSM is fake news!

Yes, you read that right; I’m agreeing with President Trump. Mainstream Media is fake news, but not for the reasons he thinks.

It’s fake news because MSM is still trying to spin Trump as a usual president. They mince and wordsmith what is written in their online, TV, newspaper, and radio statements. To my knowledge, very few, if any MSM are using the truth to talk about the president.

They stop short of calling him an outright liar.

They stop short of calling him a misogynist and a sexual predator.

They stop short of saying he is a racist.

They stop short of calling him a white supremacist.

They stop short of calling the holding centers concentration camps.

They stop short of saying his comments are directly related to the rise in minority violence and deaths during his time in the Oval Office.

I agree with Beto when he told the MSM to do their jobs and connect the dots.

I wish they would stop being politically correct and worrying about profits, and value the country that, at least for now, allows them to speak the truth. MSM can do it without bias, using Trumps actual words and actions to tell who we have elected, which is their jobs, and permitted by the 1st Amendment.

Until they start telling the truth, the bold truth, the bold ugly truth, Trump will continue to be the tyrant he is, with no regard for the Constitution, the United States, or anyone he considers subhuman.

Is this something we can truly tolerate any longer?

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