Donald Ruined Republicans, Nancy is Ruining Democrats

Every day I wake up and wonder how our politics got to where they are today. Where compromise is a bad thing. Where civility has gone by the wayside. Where people just don’t think what politicians do affect their daily lives.

The Republicans allowed a white supremest, a sexual predator and a liar to take over their party. The Democrats have allowed an out-of-touch, business-as-usual, and a fearful person lead their party.

I hear people around me getting more and more frustrated with Speaker Pelosi and her writing strongly worded letters, passing bills in the house that will go nowhere, not withholding funding from Trump’s policies, issuing empty threats about subpoenas, threatening lawsuits and not starting an Impeachment Inquiry. It is the latter that is the most frustrating for me personally, and is a large part of the grumblings I hear.

What is the problem?

It isn’t an Impeachment proceeding. It is reviewing the plethora of evidence already out there. It is getting the true face of Trump out there in the public eye 24/7. It is saving our Democracy, our Republic. The case has literally been laid at Speaker Pelosi’s feet by the Mueller Report. I mean, it has never been easier to open an Impeachment Inquiry. Speaker, you didn’t really even need the Mueller Report to proceed, there have been more than enough egregious actions by Trump to have started an Inquiry on Day One of you taking over as Speaker of the House.

Almost 80 Democrats have publicly stated it is time to begin an Impeachment Inquiry. The public rarely gets behind something unless it is front-and-center of every news outlet and agency in the country, and the world. Taking that action, unfortunately in the age of the 24/7 Newstainment, to get the Inquiry process in our faces, is the only way for people’s perceptions and attentions to shift.

Speaker Pelosi, start the Impeachment Inquiry before it is too late.

Time is not on your side as our country slides ever closer, ever more quickly, to authoritarianism each and every second of each and every day.

I beg of you, use your power. Start an Impeachment Inquiry.


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