Impeachment Inquiry, the Time is Long Past

This tweet from Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stuck in my mind since I read it.

What has stuck the most are the words, “but what was right.”

Yes, passing the Affordable Care Act was the right thing to do. It was long past time to do so.

I’m wondering though about why she hasn’t begun an impeachment inquiry into President Trump (and I wasn’t in favor of impeachment before as I had written a while ago). With the events of the past year, and even more so that past few months, and then factor in the last few weeks, it is long past time to do so.

It is also the right thing to do even without a majority of Americans in favor of doing so.

It is the right thing to do even without large bipartisan support.

It is the right thing to do to protect our democracy and our institutions from a run amok president who believes he and his leadership team are above the law and proving it by blatantly ignoring norms and laws of our country.

The fact that she hasn’t begun the impeachment inquiry makes me wonder if, “but what was right,” has more to do with her maintaining her speakership at the expense of the country.

If the Democrats would stop worrying about what is political expedient, and do, “what was right,” it would possibly save our country and be politically advantageous to her party.

The longer she waits, the worse for the Democrats. The longer she waits, the weaker the Democrats look. The longer she waits, the less power Congress will have for oversight of a president. The longer she waits, the closer our country becomes something we never thought possible.

Speaker Pelosi, do you want the history books to remember that you didn’t do “what was right” when we needed it the most? Or would you rather be known as the woman who saved the United States of America?

The choice is yours to make, weak or strong, maintain Constitutional powers or lose them, win elections in 2020 or allow us to continue down the rabbit hole called Trump.

The choice is yours. Please take action to do what IS right or potentially face a lose of the House and no chance at gaining the Senate, and more than likely, lose the White House, meaning further lose and erosion of the Judicial system too.

The choice is yours. What will you choose?

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