House Democrats: Do Not Impeach*

Dear House Democrats:

Now that you have achieved the majority, with the help of us voters, please don’t let it go too much to your head. Remember how fickle we, the electorate, can be over two years time.

As you set your agenda for the next two years, here are the things I would like to see you propose and vote upon. Many things will not make it through the Senate to this administration due to Senator McConnell, who speaks about bipartisanship, but has not idea what it really looks like in action. Don’t let that stop you from proposing, voting, and sending to the Senate. Let the Senate, and the Republican leadership take the blame for blocking any legislation; then bring this to the attention of the electorate in 2020.

I want you to listen, lead and legislate. Listen to the needs of the American people. Lead to show you can actually run the country and move us forward. Legislate to put your votes where it counts to help we the people.

Now to the list:

It is my humble request that you please, please, tread lightly as we want to maintain our majority in the House and take over the Senate, and hopefully the Presidency, in 2020.

Thank you for taking the above under consideration.


*Only impeach if you have irrefutable proof based upon tax returns, the Mueller investigation, or other evidence on which there can be no doubt as to guilt.

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