Make Your Bed!

Just ask my husband, I hate making the bed.

I don’t see why it has to be crisp and proper every morning. We are just going to get back in and mess it up again in a few hours.

It works perfectly fine to get up, throw the covers up so it isn’t a complete mess. Put the pillows at the top and call it a day.

That is what I have always thought. That is, until this past weekend.

As we all do, I wash my sheets on a regular basis. At least every two weeks at a minimum. When I do, I make the bed after so it looks pretty for a bit. Just like always, after I washed my sheets this last time, I made the bed.

Then I stepped back.

I was surprised by how nice it felt to look at the bed made. I was surprised by how much less chaotic my bedroom felt in that moment. As the day went on, I was in and out of my bedroom, and each time it felt good to see the bed made.

So…I decided to make it again the next day, in the same manner. And…I felt the same way.

So, I decided to do it again the day after that. And guess what…I felt the same again.

It just felt good to walk into a space that didn’t look or feel chaotic when so much of my life feels chaotic right now (mind you, and ask any of the people who have visited me/us ever, we keep our main living areas, and most other areas organized and well-kept).

Walking into my bedroom now, I immediately feel much calmer and relaxed. A nice way to end the day.

Don’t get me wrong or be confused, I still don’t like making the bed. It would be so much nicer to have a housekeeper to do it for me. Until then though, I’ll make it and when my husband gets here, we’ll make up the bed each day. The way I feel in the evening when I see it makes the effort in the morning worth it.

Now go make your bed!

One thought on “Make Your Bed!

  1. I used to think the best thing about being an adult and out on my own was that I did not have to make my bed every day and then one day I saw on Facebook this retired General or something said, “Make your bed every day because it will be something that you have accomplished successfully that day – no matter what the rest of the day brings. I took that to heart and now I always make my bed as soon as I get up “for real” and it always makes me feel better. Now I just have to conquer my propensity for “clutter” – that does not bother me as much as it does John and of course you. One step at a time, My Friend, One Step at a time.

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