A Single Stool…Really?!?!

I think I’ve mentioned I have several kids, currently all teens. Since I have several, I’m going to be grammatically incorrect and use they or them, or any plural form, when discussing them individually or as a whole.

The other day something happened that made me cock my head and say, “Really?”.

I had mopped the floors the night before. When I do that, as we all do, I moved the chairs and stools out of the eating areas of the kitchen. Mopping late in the evening meant the floors were still a little damp when I went to bed, meaning I didn’t move the chairs and stools back.

The next morning, I just figured I would move them back when I got home. Or maybe, in my fantasy world, the kids would move them back (do you live in a similar fantasy world?).

Imagine my surprise when one of the kids came down and proceeded to move a stool!

I thought, “Wow,” they ARE maturing!

And just as quick as that, it was gone.

They only brought one stool over and sat down. That’s when I cocked my head and said, “Really?!?!”

The reply…

Something to the effect they only needed one.

And then, guess what?

When I came home, a second single stool had been moved, with the rest of the chairs and stool were where I left them.


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