Menstrual Cycles on Spreadsheets

Have you heard?

Scott Lloyd, Director of Office of Refugee Resettlement, had spreadsheets kept of when detained minor immigrant girls had their periods, if they were pregnant, how they became pregnant, and whether the girls had requested an abortion.

I find this quite alarming for a number of reasons.

Alarming because it seems there were this many pregnancies of girls as young as 12.

Alarming because many of the pregnancies were the result of rape.

Alarming because it appears the list served the purpose of keeping these girls pregnant past the lawful time they could have an abortion.

Alarming because of how lists such as this were kept in a sad and horrifying period of world history.

Alarming that it seems another step closer to a Handmaid’s Tale scenario being played out—a man deciding the fate of a woman’s Constitutional reproductive rights.

Did you find this news alarming? If not, why not?

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