Do Not Impeach

I’m a die-hard progressive and very liberal, and proud of being so. Our country has only truly moved forward in meeting the ideals of our Constitution by progressive liberals.

That said, in November, when the current party becomes the minority party in at least the House of Representatives (and maybe by some miracle, the Senate), I do not want them to impeach our current president. As the Democrats campaign for the next Congressional election, I do not want to hear the word impeachment even cross their lips. To do so is to rally the Republican’s even as all evidence points to the current administration being, to put it mildly, batshit crazy!

There is more than enough to campaign against:

  • Taking babies and children from families and putting them into cages in what are essentially internment camps.
  • Fiduciary irresponsibility with the tax cuts for the rich that is running our national debt up at an alarming rate.
  • Rolling back environment protections that have been highly effective in keeping our bodies safer and healthier.
  • Cabinet members who use their positions to live lavish lifestyles on our dime.
  • The administration using his position to enhance his own, and his family’s, personal wealth.
  • Not immediately and aggressively addressing the Russian hacks on our election system.
  • Corrupt campaign and political appointees.
  • Nomination of a Supreme Court Justice whom seems only real qualification for the office is to serve as the final vote to keep the current administration out of jail should he be subpoenaed by the Special Counsel and refuse to honor it.
  • Open white supremacy support by the current administration.
  • Attacks on people of color for acting upon their legal right to peacefully protest.
  • Discrimination based upon one’s religion.
  • Supporting discrimination against the LGBT community, and really any citizen who happens to be a minority.
  • Harming our international standing as a beacon of light to the world for Democracy and freedom of the press, possibly irreparably.
  • Stating only what he says is the truth, not what you are actually seeing and hearing with one’s own eyes and ears.
  • The thousands of outright lies told by the administration.
  • The cozying up to despots and authoritarians in the world while putting down our long-standing allies and free societies.
  • We would have Mike Pence as President, whom I believe might be worse than our current administration.
  • And the list goes on…

Again, do not speak of impeachment or pre-ordain impeachment proceedings without iron-clad and irrefutable evidence.

If the Democrats, liberal and progressives alike, run on impeachment of this administration, not only will they most likely lose their election bids, they will only divide our great country even more than it already is.

What this voter wants is for Congress to do its job, which is to hold the Judicial and the Executive Branches of our government accountable for their actions. What this voter wants is also for our electorate to hold the Legislative Branch accountable as well, which we’ve not done a very good job of doing in looking at where we are today.

Personally, I want anyone in Congress, who has been there longer than 10 years to be booted out of office, with a special emphasis on Senator McConnell (I’d include Representative Ryan if he were running for re-election) and Representative Pelosi. These three have helped to get us to this point of such division in Congress.

Mr. McConnell has not done his job very well in terms of putting nominees before the Senate, such as Supreme Court Justices, in a timely manner.

Ms. Pelosi is stuck in the past and hasn’t quite gotten the hint her idea of what is best for the country are a little outdated. Plus, I don’t like feeling like I’m being held hostage with an implied “threat” she won’t help raise funds to elect progressive candidates or any candidate if she is not in a position of power. That to me is part of the entitlement many of our elected officials have come to believe is their right. It is my humble opinion she should state outright she will not seek to be the Speaker of the House should the Democrats take back the House in November. This would be a way to put country before her own self-interests. She already holds the title of being the first woman Speaker. Step aside and enjoy that piece of history.

It is time for our elected officials to begin to believe again they answer to the American people, not our own personal oligarchs, such as Wall Street, lobbyists, Koch Brothers, and so on.

The only way to do have them see this is the new “old” reality is to vote them out when they don’t listen to us, We the People!

VOTE in November and let’s change the downward spiral our nation has been taking for longer than we’d like to think.

Who is with me?

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