A Walk in the Park

Hello World!

A lot has happened since my last post, which has kept me away. Hopefully life will settle into a little bit of a routine again now.

This morning, to help take care of my mental health, I went to Eagle Creek Park to commune with nature. Last time I took the wrong lens on my camera to get nature shots. I was armed with my telephoto lens this time, thank goodness.

Below are a few of the shots today.

I’m most proud of the frog picture. Those little buggers can spot you a mile away and leap to safety before you can even blink. I think this one thought I couldn’t see him/her since it was somewhat under the rock ledge. Its little pond is great though since it is completely covered in pond scum.


While waiting to see if any of the frightened frogs returned, a critter from above startled me. I thought it was going to come crashing down on my head. It was cute, but not cute enough to share my personal space.


Last week while we were at Eagle Creek (the kids went with me last week, but had no interest in returning…go figure), some bird watchers went gaga over this bird. They told us the name; unfortunately, it went out of my head probably as quickly as they told me. I saw one closer in another location, but it didn’t stay still long enough, nor allow me to get close enough, for a great picture. Maybe next time.


These last two are just shots that caught my eye when I saw the subject in a certain way. I like the lines of the stone in the first one. The second made me wonder who put an old lawn chair on a rotting old dock and what were they looking at or watching? The lawn chair is my favorite from the day for some reason, even though the frog one was the hardest to get.



Okay, time for bed. Have a great Monday everyone!

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