Maybe Michael Cohen Likes It?

I’ll start by saying I don’t know Michael Cohen, don’t know anyone who knows Michael Cohen, and this is all purely hypothetical, an alternative reality if you will as there is no proof for this alternative reality. We won’t know the truth until Mr. Cohen tells us. Until then, maybe Michael Cohen likes it.

What do I mean by that?

So far, every story I’ve read, seen or heard, has the running storyline that Michael Cohen was treated quite poorly by one of his high profile clients, our current president. actually has a headline that reads, “Report: Trump Actually Treated Michael Cohen Like Shit.” No one is disputing the treatment of Mr. Cohen.

However, along with this common reporting theme is speculation that because Mr. Cohen was treated so badly, there is no way he can continue to support his client and will turn on him. No story has said anything except Mr. Cohen has to turn states evidence because of how he was treated by said client.

It appears Mr. Cohen was the fixer and enforcer for his client. Mr. Cohen did many things for his client and received nothing in return, save being demeaned, verbally abused and threatened with being fired. Being willing to take a bullet for this particular client has even been reported.

My question is, why is everyone assuming Mr. Cohen didn’t like this treatment?

There are people out there who very much enjoy finding a Master who will demean them, abuse them, make them feel like excrement, and still show up the next day for more. They thrive in this environment and will, when told in just the right way, do anything for this Master, because the “bad” treatment is what they crave. As we’ve seen over the past year, his client, the president, treats most people around him the way he treated Mr. Cohen.

The difference may be, Mr. Cohen may have craved this treatment. If so, I don’t see him turning on his client to save himself. I would imagine it would be the ultimate service to do time for this particular client. It could be the highest high and euphoria Mr. Cohen has ever felt, and each day in jail might just be a new high in service to his Master.

We shall see, shan’t we?

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