18-24 Year Olds, Please Save Us

We are hearing a lot about the 18-24 year old demographic since the Parkland, FL tragedy. They have become more vocal and put together a March on Washington in a very short time, drawing over 800,000 participants, one of the largest protests in history; this count doesn’t include those who participated around the world.

I’m calling an SOS out to you.

Yes, to you 18-24 year olds of the United States, please save us from ourselves. All of us citizens need you, and we need you now. Our country and freedoms can’t afford for you to just be vocal on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, other social media, and on traditional media. We actually need you to vote more than we need to see your posts.

We need you to help save us from some really big things that will affect not only our near futures, but your long-term futures. These include:

  1. Reasonable and responsible gun regulation and control;
  2. Climate change;
  3. Civil rights and equality for all;
  4. Acceptance of the diversity of our population;
  5. Universal healthcare;
    and what I feel is the most important right now…
  6. Creating a checks and balances for the current Executive Branch of our government.

I hope all of you are being sincere when you say you are coming for politicians in voting booths across the nation. If you are all talk and no action, then I believe our nation will be ever closer to a kleptocracy, oligarchy or even a non-secular government. If you don’t vote en-masse, you will also damage any clout you may have gained and no one will be compelled to listen to you on other topics in the future.

Personally, I will be forever grateful to all of you 18-24 year-olds if you vote in record-breaking numbers, i.e., 80% or more, and stay fully involved and woke (full disclosure, I would very much prefer you vote for candidates on the D-Democrat side).

If you haven’t registered to vote, and that actually goes for anyone over the age of 18, then do it tomorrow. Don’t wait because the Republicans are doing everything they can to suppress and discourage the vote. Show them these tactics and philosophies won’t work.

Show us you truly care, not only about your futures, but all of our futures.

Thank you in advance for registering and then voting.

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