On the Road to De Smet

After we left Independence, we had a quick drive to Kansas City for the night. My good friend Kay, who I met through NCTE, lives there. Since my involvement with NCTE has ended, Kay and I don’t get to see each other as often (although we have fun playing Words with Friends), I try to stop and see her on my travels if I can. Thanks Kay and Jim for a great dinner and conversation!

I don’t how many know this, but one of my goals in life is to get a picture of the skylines of all of the major cities of the US. Throughout the years I’ve been able to get quite a few. On the drive through Iowa, we would skirt Omaha. I wanted to get a picture without actually having to go into Nebraska since I’ve vowed not to go back to Nebraska if at all possible (a story for another time).

Unfortunately, it started to rain as we were passing, Mother Nature does seem to have a sense of humor. I thought I was getting some good pictures through my side window. However, my phone is so good, it thought I wanted pictures of raindrops since they are in such good focus.


When we entered South Dakota, we stopped at the Welcome Center to have our stretch break and Lunchables. In looking over the literature, there was a brochure for the falls at Sioux Falls. Since I had stopped at Idaho Falls a few years back, I asked my mom and Emily if they were interested, and they said sure.

I’m glad we stopped. With all the rain we are having, the Falls were running well. They were beautiful. We were able to get several good shots of the Falls and several selfies. Here are some of the shots, including the skyline of Sioux Falls.


Next post will be about De Smet.

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