Food Truck and Frank’s

With getting ready for the DC trip and then the actual travel, I didn’t do any cooking or baking. I do have everything ready for this next week. Well, really the recipes are the left overs from what I had chosen for this past week I didn’t get to do.

When we were riding in the Uber to the hotel this past Sunday, we rounded the corner near the Washington Monument to a block long caravan of food trucks. I often look to see what food trucks might be around. Part of me would love to have one at some point, so you might say I’m scoping out the pretend competition. Plus there is some good food on this food trucks. I decided I would have to come back and find this line of trucks if I had a free moment. As I said on my last post, I was able to go out for a bit on Monday.

On that walk I had wanted to find a good hot dog truck. There actually was one by the pond near the Jefferson Memorial along with several other varieties. Unfortunately it wasn’t open. Just an ice cream truck was open and the weather too cold for me to think about ice cream.

In walking back to the hotel, by the African-American Museum, there were trucks lining the length of the block. They were parked so close no one would be able to leave until the one in front of them left—even closer together than parking in San Francisco and they park bumper to bumper. Sadly, most of these were closed as well. Of the few open, none were hot dog trucks.

In light of no hot dogs I settled on a cheese steak truck. They had a little bit of everything. For a $16 combo, I was able to get a bacon chicken cheese steak sandwich, some fries, and a can of soda. At least, that is what I ordered. What I got was just a regular chicken sandwich with lettuce I had said to leave off, and no bacon. I was so hungry though, I just went with it. Because I was so hungry, it wasn’t half bad.

This evening we went with some friends to an Italian restaurant in a neighboring town. The friends had been there once before, it was our first visit. Right off the bat Frank’s got some bonus points for serving Mug root beer. More bonus points for the good and generous helping of bread. Both the hubby and I ordered Stromboli, one friend had manicotti and the other had fettuccine.

It was a nice evening out with good food, good conversation with lots of laughter, and good friends.

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