Spaghetti Squash Gratin

Two dishes didn’t make it into the photo album this week. I hate when I’ve finished the meal and realize no picture was taken. Maybe I’ll get better at remembering at some point.

Roasted chicken thighs with skillet spaghetti gratin sauce as our family Sunday dinner. Several of us commented on the gratin. In the past, when we’ve had spaghetti squash, it was always as a pasta substitute. It took our pallets a little while to adjust to a new way at looking at the roasted squash, in a good way. It will definitely be added to the recipe box. As expected, it went well with the chicken.

The second recipe with no selfie is sour cream and onion scones. This was the first savory scone I’ve ever made, and ever eaten I think. I had the same reaction as I did to the gratin above. My tongue was expecting something sweet, but surprise, it was a little tangy. As I’ve thought about the taste this week, the decision on this recipe is to let it go. A different savory scone may be tried in the future, just not this one.

Pizza dough is one of those things I keep trying to find just the right recipe to use over and over. I was excited when I found a recipe for Neopolitan-style pizza dough. It called for using bread flour over all-purpose, and just a little bit of yeast. The dough also needed to rest in the refrigerator at least over night (up to 20-hours).

With pizza, one must have choices. I knew I wanted to do one Hawaiian-style with Canadian bacon and pineapple. The other three were a little more improvised, and traditional: pepperoni and sausage, a veggie and pepperoni supreme, and one with just sausage. I finally was able to use my small Pampered Chef pizza stone rounds…two years after I got them!

Dinner tonight was a take on one of my favorite sandwiches. Rather than placing everything on a hoagie-ish bun, it became a Philly cheesesteak skillet. The surprise ingredient to me was the zesty Italian dressing. In a taste test before adding the dressing, it was a little bland. Adding a scant quarter-cup of the dressing with a dash of Worcestershire sauce really upped the flavor. I didn’t even miss the bun…nor the carbs to go with it!

What was your favorite dish to make this week?

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