New Year, New Recipes

After a hiatus of sorts, my kitchen mojo is back. For about six weeks I just wasn’t in the mood to cook or bake. The feels had just poofed away. About ten days ago, the bug to get back in the kitchen hit me again. I sat down that Sunday to peruse my stack of untried recipes.

My goal was to choose a dessert or two along with enough dinners for the week, which is three or four nights. Have to take date night, dinner at the papa’s, and a night of leftovers in planning. I wrote about one recipe last week, Mac and Cheese, I had made with my son.

The other recipes were bourbon chicken, meaty stuffed peppers, shrimp creole, and barbecue spiced potatoes. I hadn’t chosen a dessert for last week as we had a birthday tossed in. There are no pictures because I kept forgetting to take one until after starting to consume the meal. Hopefully I’ll do better this week.

For the first time ever, I made pepper steak. I was able to continue to do my prep cuts on Sunday. This means I was able to marinate the meat as called for in the recipe, and still cook the meal in a timely manner. With the conference this week, I don’t have much time for prep.

Back to the pepper steak. Off the bat I had to do a substitution. There was no flank steak at Kroger. Top round got to be the lucky second choice. It was a fairly simple recipe with a big kick. Basically it was steak, three colors of peppers, onion, ginger, garlic, and some spices, including pepper.

The final product was quite colorful. My first bite with rice had quite the kick. I was totally surprised by the heat. For such a simple recipe, it put my mouth on fire, a good fire, but a fire nonetheless. It will definitely go in my recipe app for another time!

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