The Fox is in the Hen House

We’ve all heard this term before. It feels lately like this is what has happened to our government and institutions.

Trump leaves office with classified and highly classified documents. The National Archives finally realizes the documents are missing and asks for them back. It takes a lawfully executed search by the Department of Justice to get them back. A crime has been committed, but so far no charges have been filed.

Biden and Pence are found to have classified documents in their possession. However, they immediately return them, and Biden even requests the Department of Justice search other areas to ensure all are found and returned. But, they still had classified documents in non-secure places.

The National Archive is supposed to log, store, and keep track of government documents, including classified and top secret documents. Unfortunately, we are finding the institution doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job of keeping track of documents that might be a threat to our national security in the wrong hands. With all the technology available, it is odd they don’t have some type of electronic “check-out” system or tracker on documents/files. The question is, will they get better? An important second question is, what has been compromised because their processes are ineffective?

We now have insurrectionists running the House of Representatives. We have a House Leader who has made back room deals to achieve power, but refuses to let us know what he has given away. McCarthy has allowed a freshman representative from New York, who has done some confirmed shady things, and is now under many investigations, sit on committees, welcoming this representative with open arms. The Speaker has also placed insurrectionists on key committees. Sadly, the Department of Justice and the January 6th Committee have chosen not to hold any of them accountable in any shape or form. Just as sad is voters returned them to office.

Then, just this week, we find out a top FBI agent appears to have been working for foreign adversaries. In fact, he was on the team conducting investigations into whether Russia and Trump had any ties, including an collusion between the two and the 2016 election. Really, this is the epitome of the fox being in the henhouse.

What is going on? Does no one care enough to pay attention anymore? Are our institutions so far gone that we may as well face the hard truth no one is working to keep us safe? Is accountability a lost art towards and by people in power who can hold insurrectionists, thieves, and spies responsible for their actions?

From what is currently happening in plain sight, I think the answer is no!

Now what do we do?

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