A Must Listen Podcast


Do you want to laugh, cry, ponder, learn, wonder, reflect, and just plain feel good? Then this is the podcast for you!

The two hosts are Charlene and Kat. Charlene is my husband’s cousin. Kat is a friend, and coworker. of Charlene’s. The two of them together have a wonderful chemistry that just works.

They have an innate ability to play off one another. Between the two of them, they are willing to be uncomfortable with a topic and to talk it through while being frank. Holding back on tough topics doesn’t seem to be part of their DNA.

Each of them is willing to be vulnerable in the moment. On topics that hit home personally for each of them, they will share their story. In the sharing of their stories, they talk about how what happened changed their lives. Or they might share how the person in their stories affected their lives. Family history, family honor, family tradition, and family angst are often shared, creating a kinship with the listener.

Although their topics are about how growing up and living in the borderland can be tough for someone who is thought of not brown enough, or is too white, to be Latinx. That talk about being the intersection of all that make up who they are and the place they live—the borderland between the United States and Mexico.

If you are Latinx, Black, mixed, white, gay, straight, cis or transgendered, their stories will resonate with you. If you are in a mixed culture marriage, it will definitely resonate with you. If you want to know more, think more, experience more of what it is like to not fully fit into where you live and where you are in your life, this podcast will resonate with you.

As a side note, they often use colorful language, Spanglish, slang, and discuss adult themes and topics. But, these make the conversation, and them, real and authentic. Don’t let these things deter you from listening.

This is one podcast I don’t put to the side. I’m working my way from the beginning, and it has become a mainstay of my drive to and from work. Take the 45 or so minutes for the listen. I truly believe you too will get drawn into their circle of gravity and be the better for it.

Now go put those AirPods in and enjoy!

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