Election 2022 Is in the Bag

What a week!!

The election happened on Tuesday with historic turnouts, election denier losses, and steps towards a more stable democracy across the nation. As the pundits are saying, to paraphrase, looks like there are still a good number of people who believe in democracy. I’ll second that and add I also think a good many of us are just tired of the crazy.

Although there are still a few races to be fully counted, this was a great pushback, but not eradication, of the race towards authoritarianism. It will take at least one or two more elections of similar results to stabilize democracy, but we are on the right path. It will also take our institutions actually doing their jobs, such as the Department of Justice currently under Merrick Garland, to continue down this path.

Need to fully process the results. Will write more next week once I’ve had to time to think.

Now we are off shortly to watch the finals of the Bands of America national championship.

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