10 Days

Ten days! Ten days until November 8. Ten days until we see if we are to remain a democracy. Ten days until we see if our voting age people are apathetic, or will turn out and send the Big Lie believers into oblivion, thus saving our way of life.

I’m not sure which side will win, democracy or autocracy? I’m not sure enough people care enough to turn out. I’m not sure there are more people living under the delusion that living in an authoritarian country means they will have a better life. Makes me wonder if they have even checked on the definition. Have they done at least a little bit of research to see what life is like under an authoritarian?

I really worry more about state and local races than the national ones at this point. Yes, a lot of damage can be done if Congress has a Republican majority, mainly because that means the Big Lie purveyors will be in charge.

But, the local level is where the action is right now. There are a number of governors, Secretaries of State, state senators and representatives, and law enforcement officers on the ballot, and who also are all in on Trumpism and authoritarian regimes. These elected officials will certify elections, meaning if they don’t like who wins, they have the power to decide to override the will of the people. They will decide who they will help and who they won’t. They may be the people who decide if a woman should have the right to control their own bodies, to protect the rights of trans men and women, who can adopt a child, and who may marry.

There isn’t going to be a Superman or angel from heaven come to save us. We have to save ourselves. We have to get out to vote. Word is Gen Z is going to turn out and beat back bigotry; so far, in terms of early voting, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Someone I know mentioned that young black people may not turn out to vote because few candidates are speaking to them and their issues. Women are expected to turn out as a Roevember vote; however, there are many women who don’t believe a woman is equal to a man who will likely turn out the vote.

To be perfectly blunt, I’m not a fired up voter the year. I feel the Democrats have not done their constitutional duty in holding the insurrectionists, Trump, and Trump’s inner circle accountable for their actions. I truly feel they are like an ostrich with their heads in the sand, refusing to either see what is happening, afraid to take a stand, or just don’t care because maybe some of the corruption might lead back to some of their own.

So, whether you are fired up, or have to hold your nose to pull the lever for the Democrats, we have to vote to save our country from allowing authoritarianism to take hold. The United States may not be perfect, it has many imperfections, but it is still better than having a dictator who can decide who lives and dies because of beliefs or words.

Please vote! Be a part of saving us!

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