Eagle Creek Park

Saturday was almost perfect weather for a walk in the park. The sun was shining, the temperature just right for fall, and the wind had a chill to it, but not much. Early morning the Papas asked if I might be interested in joining them for a stroll at Eagle Creek Park. This park is the equivalent of Golden Gate Park or Central Park for Indy. It is a beautiful place to commune with nature. Of course I had to say yes!

We weren’t ready to go until early afternoon, so we stopped at Arby’s first for lunch. Once we were satiated, on the way we went.

Upon entering the park, one must then decide where to explore. We settled on the bird watching area. It has an official name that is currently escaping me. A horned owl and a turkey vulture were on display in their cages. When we started walking, we passed an area with a number of bird feeders.

There were birds galore flitting in and out getting some seeds. Some we saw were finches, blue jays, sparrows, and two types of woodpecker. As anywhere with bird seed, there was also a squirrel or two. They were polite in that they were only trying to eat what had fallen to the ground.

Along the trail, we saw many a dog and their humans. There were also a number of loons on the lake itself. I also got to see an eagle flying majestically overhead. I’ve heard it is a good omen to see one, so hopefully that is true.

The main reason we went though was for fall colors. A Midwest fall reigns supreme when it comes to color. The reds, the oranges, the yellows, and even the browns just makes one feel good just looking around! Even the height of summer flower colors doesn’t rival the changing of the leaves.

Of course we took lots of pictures. Here are just a few of mine. Enjoy and hopefully you live somewhere where you too can the vibrancy of fall!

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