Skirt Steak

We are working to clear out our extra freezer. There are a few things that have been in it for awhile that are getting close to their shelf life. We’ll have to have a BBQ soon though, as I kept forgetting we had hot dog and hamburger buns, so we have more on hand then we’ll need for a little while.

On Sunday I pulled out a skirt steak to thaw. I hadn’t decided what I was going to do with it when I took it out. As I was getting something out of the refrigerator Tuesday, I saw we had some leftover mashed potatoes. This morning my husband made some of his signature salsa. When he had me do a taste test, I decided I was going to attempt a stuffed skirt steak dinner.

I remember seeing a picture of stuffed, or I guess technically rolled, skirt steak in one of my cooking magazines. It had looked good at the time, so I thought why not? The mashed potatoes and salsa were pulled from the refrigerator. Spices came next—dried garlic flakes from New Orleans, and a salt and spice mix from Columbus.

After pounding out the steak to as thin as it would go, I sprinkled the spices over the meat. Next I spread the mashed potatoes over the spices. The salsa went on top of the potatoes. Thankfully, I had some cooking thread in the cupboards, or it would have ended up flat steak.

In the oven the wrapped steak baked for 15-minutes at 400º. The temperature was reduced to 350 for another 25-minutes. I let it rest after coming out of the oven for about 10-minutes, grabbed a knife, cut the steak into several pieces, and put a piece on a plate for myself. It was dinner alone as my youngest was gone and the husband at work.

Even though I was by myself, the dinner was delicious. There will be leftovers for dinner tomorrow too!

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