Queen Egg Roll

Twasn’t a cooking week this week. It was a lot of leftovers and my husband’s chili. He is a pretty good cook as well, and no one can hold a candle to his chili, chicken cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice, or fideo’s. He made a big pot of his chili this past Sunday. Perfect for the start of the cooler fall weather.

For date night last week, we tried a place called Queen Egg Roll. It had been getting some good reviews, and the food smelled delicious from the outside. The husband had already tried one or two of their rolls; we thought we’d go together for a full meal.

It is hard to tell if the place is open or not because of the heavily smoked glass, so don’t be discouraged or think it is closed. Once inside, it is a little sparse, but feels homey as well. One of those dives you know just has to have the best food. The food does not disappoint. You most likely will also get a friendly hello from one of the owners who do a great job of coming around to check in.

Queen Egg Roll has a limited menu at the moment. Not sure if it will increase later, but it might not have to do so. What they have is very delicious. One can order egg rolls a la carte. They have a variety of meats and flavors, such as Philly and Crab Rangoon. There are even a few dessert rolls, which I must try sometime soon.

If you want a combo, I recommend the Queen combo. This combo includes a teriyaki stick, beef or chicken, choice of three rolls (different of the same), rice or pancit (both equality flavorful), and a soda fountain drink of choice. All forms of payment accepted and they even have frequent buyer points.

At this time the menu is available online, but the ordering system isn’t in place yet. If you want take-out, you’ll either have to stop in and wait, or place an order over the phone. Should you want to dine in, just know there may be a bit of a wait as they have been busy both times I’ve visited. I might suggest a phone-in order, if you are in a hurry, or want your food waiting for you when you arrive, then grab your take-out sack and sit at a table and enjoy the rolls in the restaurant.

If you are ever near, make sure you stop by Queen Egg Roll. You will leave both stuffed and in a happy place!

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