Here Yesterday, Gone Today

Yesterday during a conversation with a friend, we got to talking a little bit of politics. While talking, she said something that hit me hard for a couple of reasons. She said, paraphrasing, in talking to another woman the day before how odd it felt that they would go to bed with reproductive rights and wake up the next day without them.

I had known it was coming, and we had talked to our daughter this would most likely be the case since we live in a heavily Republican state. You know the one who elected Mike Pence as it’s governor. It was a conversation we never thought we’d have to have with our daughter. As with everyone, we had thought a constitutional right would be precedence and remain in effect forever.

Then we ended up with a compromised Supreme Court due to the unconstitutional behavior of then Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. I also hold some resentment towards RBG for her choice to remained seated when her health was failing her, and Breyer for his abrupt departure under some odd circumstances.

The first reason it hit me was that I hadn’t realized it had taken effect already and felt I should have known. Known so I could stand in solidarity with my female friends. Known as well so I could remind my daughter of how this may affect her life.

The second reason was because all of us have been warned. Nothing is actually safely constitutional anymore. Same-sex marriage could be reversed. Contraception could be reversed. Interracial marriage could be reversed. Civil rights could be reversed. Voting rights could be even more restricted.

The November elections are just a short 51 days away. Republicans are doing everything they can to keep us from voting equitably. Republicans are doing everything they can to scare us into voting for them. MAGA Republicans are doing everything they can to destroy our Republic, our Democracy.

I’ll keep saying what I’ve been saying for the past three years. Vote. Vote early. Vote blue. Vote for Democrats from dog catcher all the way up to U.S. Senator. Remember the local races mean as much, if not more than, the national races in November, especially those Secretary of State races.

Join me in helping to save our country from falling back to a time when very few had all the power. Donate money, volunteer your time, and vote, Vote, VOTE!

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