Double Oven Kind of Evening

We are having a strategic planning meeting tomorrow at work. At the last one there were some candies and mints for us. I have to admit I had hoped there would be a donut or muffin waiting for us. I know it was wishful thinking; I will say though I always try to have a baked good or two, plus some candies and mints about at my team retreats.

While running an errand after work, I decided I would make some chocolate chip cookies to take to the meeting. Half-way through baking them, I felt the urge to make some oatmeal raisin cookies. As the chocolate chips were baking, I checked to see if we had some raisins.

At first I only found craisins and wondered if I wanted to use them as a substitute. After a little more shifting of items in the pantry, I found the raisins. With the main ingredients on hand, I collected the rest and let the butter begin to soften. Oh, I should say I didn’t have a recipe for the oatmeal raisins in my recipe app. One-by-one I pulled out my cookbooks to see what I could find.

Oddly, as I searched through my Bake from Scratch cookbooks, not one of the six volumes had an oatmeal raisin recipe. Next I went to my favorite cookie cookbook. Surprisingly, it did not have one either. I grabbed the King Arthur Flour Cookbook, there was no way it wouldn’t have the appropriate recipe I thought. Thankfully, it did!

With the baking of the two cookies, I had to use both of my ovens. If I hadn’t, I’d have been baking all night. I did have to chuckle at myself. I didn’t think to use the second oven until I had finished one pan of the oatmeal raisins. As I pondered the amount of time left it was like duh, turn on the second oven to shorten the time. So I did, and it did.

Often I wish there was such a thing as smellivision. Just sitting here writing, the mixing of the chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin bouquet is wafting about the house. My mouth is watering from the aroma. The smell will linger upstairs in the loft for a bit. Often it is still there in the morning to enjoy while getting ready for work.

There are seven dozen cookies on tap for the meeting. I know they won’t eat all of them, but I do hope they’ll make a sizable dent. If not, more leftovers for us at home!

What the kitchen looked like for a bit.

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