Word of the Day: Bittersweet

Just as a song sometimes gets stuck in ones head, I will get a word stuck in my head. Usually the word arrives on an event currently happening, or a memory from long long ago. Bittersweet is the word running laps in my mind right now.

It first came to mind as I contemplated the potential loss of a colleague. They are up for a possible new position elsewhere. Although it would be a great opportunity for which they are quite qualified, should they get the position, I will deeply miss their collaboration and friendship. Even so, I hope the position becomes theirs.

A memory of recent weeks also came to mind. I always want the people I care about to be safe. I also believe we all should accept responsibility for our decisions. Sometimes to do so can cause discomfort, sadness, and emotional pain—bittersweet indeed.

Other memories came to mind as well with past decisions and events, usually of when leaving the company of a friend whom I’ve not seen in a while and may not see again for a bit. Or of when leaving a position and a great team of colleagues. Or when leaving a relationship that has run its course.

A good word for the day I suppose. Wonder what the next word shall be that gets stuck in my head?

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