A Fine Visit

Neither delayed flights on the way, nor cancelled flights on the way home, could dampen our joy in seeing our son and grandson. It was nice to walk into a nice big hug from our son. We also were warmly greeted by his girlfriend; she was very welcoming of us into her home.

Now, the greeting from our grandson was a little less enthusiastic! He came out all sleepy and shy. As with most two-year olds, he clung to mom and dad. Every once in a while he would glance over his shoulder, then bury his face in mom or dad’s chest.

Then, I brought out the first of the presents. Yes, the first of the presents. Was there any doubt we were going to spoil him as much as we could while there. We had enough, and bought a few more, to stretch it out over the three days of visiting.

He still wasn’t quite sure of us even with the presents. But, since he is a book lover, I brought out the first of the books. It was an ABC book about Indiana. It had a bit of a gimmick to it. On every page there was a duck or two to find. With a little bit of coaxing from his parents, he came over when I opened the book. Together we found the ducks throughout the pages. Shortly thereafter he was running around calling us grandpa. It was as heartwarming as when I was first called dad. The human heart is such a great thing in its capacity to love. Definitely was feeling it over the weekend.

While there, we laughed, we played basketball, we swam, we played, we baked, we played peek-a-boo, we colored, but mostly, we just found a lot of joy!

Most of our time was spent with our grandson, but we did have some time to catch-up with friends, and have some good food. There was a quick visit to Page Two too, one of our favorite bookstores. I mean really, did you think we wouldn’t make it to at least one bookstore? Oddly, we even made it to the mall one day to cool off from the heat.

We got our Santiago’s fix (can’t beat their red chili smothered breakfast burrito), my Weinerschnitzel fix (a lot of calories, but I can’t resist the chili cheese dog, chili cheeseburger, and chili cheese fries combo), the hubby’s fix at Blake’s What-a-Burger (the Lot-a-Burger combo with green chili is my staple there), and Cervante’s, an Albuquerque institution to have dinner with the hubby’s longest relationship outside of family (she was his hair stylist for 27 years). We even got a home-cooked meal thanks to our son’s girlfriend. It was nice getting to know her and her daughter’s a little better while breaking bread together.

I was able to catch-up with three of my dear friends. The time with them all was great. I have to say though, sitting having a hot beverage and a bagel in one friend’s front courtyard was my favorite meeting spot. The hubby got to catch up with a friend he hadn’t seen in several decades.

All I can ask is, when do we get to go again?!

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