The More We Know…

This week we had both confirmation that Trump was out-of-control and thought he was king, and that the White House knew what they were doing on January 6 was a crime. Sadly, none of this was good news.

It is sad we had a president who believed he was an omnipotent dictator since he has been treated as such essentially his whole life. Having never been held accountable or had anyone put him in his place has not been good for his mental health, or his stability as a person. We have now had to endure his apparent lack of a grasp on reality, and his ultra hyped ego, for the last five plus years.

All of that foolishness is, in some ways, beside the current point. What is to the point, which seems to be getting lost in the middle school drama of how Trump put his hands on the secret service agent and wanted the metal detectors taken down, is January 6 was premeditated.

Trump and his gang, his apparent fellow conspirators, had signaled an insurrection was necessary for Trump to stay in power. He let the mob know anything that happened to Pence was because he had it coming. He knew people were bringing firearms, but not to worry, they weren’t armed to harm him. He tried, from stated testimony, violently to go to the Capitol to lead his gang of insurrectionists personally. None of this is really new information, it is just now being fully corroborated by several different people. People who were in or near the room where it was all taking place.

The real question, and what will dramatically affect the November election, along with recent Supreme Court rulings, is, will Trump and his co-conspirators be arrested and charged with inciting an insurrection and willfully not doing anything to stop it? An insurrection in which police officers defending the Capitol were gravely injured and killed.

If Trump and his co-conspirators are not arrested and placed on trial, then two things will occur. The first is, the Democrats will lose the majority, not only in DC, but across the nation, due to the disgust so many will feel that Trump et al truly are above the law no matter what anyone says. The second is, our Democracy, our way of life, and our freedoms are lost because what does it matter when the elected Democrats do not do everything within their power to help save it. Democrats have the power, which we gave to them at the last election, but seem to have squandered it poorly. Yes, I know Manchin and Sinema have stood in the way of so much, but they too have suffered no consequences or been held accountable for those actions by Democratic leadership.

So, the more we know raises the stakes of what happens now. If any of us had done even half of what Trump and his gang, and many elected Republicans had done, we’d all be rotting in prison right now.

My question is, why hasn’t that happened to Trump, Meadows, Giuliani, Gaetz, Brobert, Taylor-Green, Jordan, Hawley, and so many others not yet been arrested? Why are they still free to spew their lies and possibly to better plan the next attempt to overthrow the government?

Where is the justice I ask? Where is the justice?

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