In Prime Time, Finally!

The January 6th Commission finally is holding public hearings. Or at least that is what they are calling it. I would not agree with that sentiment as yet. I’m wondering if it will be too little too late.

On Thursday, we were told we would see never before seen footage. This was a true statement, but in many ways it was more footage of things we had already seen in essence. It was from the perspective of the documentarian, but did the footage tell us anything in general we didn’t already know.

The same with the little bit of live testimony. The speakers gave some perspective that we’ve not really heard. In fact the most disturbing thing, to me, said Thursday evening was the testimony of the law enforcement officer. When she said, paraphrasing, she was trained in many things, but hand-to-hand combat was not one of them, which is an accurate statement in her normal job duties.

After she said that, and seeing again the mob, the insurrectionists, storming the Capitol, I realized again how bad it could have been that day. If it weren’t for the brave men and women holding back, to the best of their ability, the insurrectionists, they would have made it into the Capitol quicker. Getting in quicker means less time for Congress to have made it to safety. We actually may have lost our democracy at that moment were it not for the Capitol Police.

What disappointed me was the lack of a flow. My mind kept going to the impeachment hearings and the superbness of its storytelling. We were taken on a journey of what happened, who was involved, and how accountability might look. Thursday night was very discombobulated. There was no flow to it.

Once again, the Democrats as the majority, and the bi-partisan committee, are back to their roots of not being able to deliver a clear concise narrative.

What I want to see is brand new knowledge. I want to see footage of testimony taken under oath, that shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who was responsible for the insurrection. Who provided the funding. Who provided the blueprint. Who failed to take action. Who failed to stop it before it began.

I want to see evidence so compelling, so irrefutable, that the Justice Department has no choice but to make arrests of private citizens, of current elected officials, and former elected officials who were involved. I want to see justice and have all participants, if it be journalists, if it be billionaires, if it be Supreme Court Justices, if it be sitting politicians, if it be a former President. Justice and accountability apply to all of us, rich and famous, or poor and unknown—all of us

If no one truly is above the law, then make the arrests. Make the arrests even if it means there may be civil unrest. Make the arrests even if it means cleaning house among law enforcement personnel and the military. Make the arrests even if it means millions will be upset.

If the arrests aren’t made, and those involved aren’t brought to justice, democracy, and the law, no longer mean anything. If those with the power to hold the rich, the famous, and the powerful to account don’t, because they are afraid of what may or may not happen, then what is the point of any of it. May as well just give it over to the authoritarians and call it day. Either rip the band-off and do your jobs, or pass the baton to the insurrections now, this slow death spiral we are on serves no one and prolongs the inevitable because the Justice Department, the Congress, and the President have failed to do their jobs.

Make the arrests.

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