Growing Season 2022 Officially Began

Although I did start seeds indoors about six weeks ago, the growing season officially began today.

This year I had purchased a couple of grow lights. Those, along with seed heating pads I had purchased last year, really gave the seeds a good start. The plants were in much better shape and size than last year. I also did a better job of labeling and strategically putting the seeds in their starter containers. The plastic seed starter container was cut in such a way to keep the same plants together when pulled out of their big container.

Over the past week, whether rain, shine, wind, or shade, I’ve been hardening the seedlings off. I wanted to be able to get them in the gardens by the end of May. With the threat of frost past, hopefully, I wanted to get them in sooner rather later to get those fresh vegetables on the table. My goal is to have enough excess to put some of them away for next winter.

For this season, after growing some Hatch chiles last year with some success, I wanted to do even more plants this year. If it all plays out, the hubby will have a bunch of chile peppers, red and green, to roast on the grill. With any luck, they will have some really good kick to them.

There are also four types of tomatoes in the ground. Making homemade pasta sauce from my very own tomatoes has always been a goal of mine. I know I won’t be able to make as much as I’d like, but if I can get one or two quarts out of them, I’ll count it as a success (and maybe an impetus to increase the number of tomato plants next year).

Still to come are transplanting the herbs, and the seeds that have to be direct planted. This will include two different kinds of beans, one is a green bean, the other a soup bean for the hubby to give a try. No garden is complete with some cucumbers and zucchini. One cucumber will be for salad, and the second is a brand best for pickling.

The last challenge is to figure out the best watering solution. I know what I want to do, but the pieces just aren’t available, and handy person is not my middle name when it comes to any engineering feats. I’ll figure it out, or just go with what is out there and make it work for this year.

Now go plant something!

P.S.-Just a little something extra. I planted a black-flowered Iris last year, and it’s blooming and beautiful!!

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