Attraction and Identity

Sunday was a spectacular day. My youngest became a world champion as a musician with a record score of 99.175 (corrected score) with their band group. The screams that erupted by the students was equally matched by the parents. It was so loud we actually only heard the 99, had to get the final score from friends who were watching a live stream. Quite the exciting end to the season.

The husband and I arrived early to catch some of the other competitor bands. While watching one show, I saw a member who reminded me of a beautiful friend of mine who happens to be transgendered. I have no idea if the young lady was transgendered or not. What I noticed was her beauty.

Although I’m sure this has been written many times before by the experts, my thoughts went to how boys, and eventually men, will be attracted to her. If she happens to be transgendered and dates males, at some point the dates will find out. Each of them will hear her truth in different ways.

For some it will be no big deal, for others it may give them pause for what the future may hold, a few will be kind and be upfront that they need to part. Unfortunately, there will be one or two that will go ballistic. But why will they go ballistic?

Because what it meant, that as a man, in their mind, they were attracted to another guy? For them, there aren’t transgender people, you are either a man or a woman. Meaning a man can’t be in a woman’s body and a woman can’t be a man’s body. To them it means they are gay and they know they can’t be gay because of all the women they dated and more in the past. Nothing anyone says will change their minds or mindset, and it will eat and eat at them.

It is that doubt, and the fear of being gay, or that a omeone will find out about who they had been dating, maybe even falling for, which will affect future actions. They might decide not to date again. They might reflect and it no longer is a big deal. They might even realize that they care about her and want her back. Sadly, it might cause acts of violence and harassment.

It was this last thought that made me sad for her, or anyone who may be transgendered, gay, lesbian, bisexual, non-binary, or other. Rather than just live and let live peacefully and love who one is going to love, which is the mature thing to do, some will do things to make the lives of others unlike them as unhappy as possible.

One day that won’t be the case. My prayers are it will be sooner rather than later. I invite you to join me in that prayer for all the beautiful people out there.

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