As Simple as Apple Pie

Our youngest son came to visit this past weekend. When we found out, one of the things we asked was if he had any special requests for a family dinner Saturday night. His reply was pesto chicken, and apple pie or apple crisp. I asked if he had a preference and he said to surprise him on the dessert.

I went back and forth between which one I wanted to do. At one point I was going to make both. Instead, I ended up making an apple pie and blueberry muffins as he also likes those a lot.

Rather than doing a simple two crust pie, I wanted to make a fancier top crust. Something of a lattice was my vision, but not the traditional weave. When the dough was ready, I rolled it out a bit and cut my strips.

Then I had to truly decide what I wanted it to look like before going in the oven. With no set plan, I did start a normal type of weave. A few strips in, I decided to rotate the pie a little bit and started another bit of a weave. There was some overlap that I attempted to meld together.

In the end, it was a little different, and browned up well, but wasn’t necessarily what I had in my head. Sometimes the vision and the construction don’t always match for me. That’s okay because that is what artistry can end up being, a new flow of sorts.

Although the look of a dish does make a difference, it is the taste in the end that matters the most. The pie had a good flavor. One person later commented how I can make a tasty pie without it being overly sweet. Now that is what I do go for in the end, so a success in taste.

Next up will be a peach pie from my preserves!

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