February 2022—The World Just Watched

Once again, Putin has thumbed his nose, or rather, flipped the bird, to the entire world. After attempted diplomacy and threats of sanctions, Putin went ahead with his plan to invade, conquer, and claim Ukraine as his own.

When he began to carry out his plan, the world watched. The news started its 24/7 coverage of the bombings, tactics, and refugee situation. Politicians from around the world have been having their time in the limelight. Pundits are pontificating about what it all means. Social media is all atwitter.

All of this while the people of Ukraine go into battle alone.

I know, I know, the United States has provided military equipment and funds. NATO is doing similar. Many countries and companies are pulling their business and making condemnations. Sanctions have been put in place against the country, Putin, and his oligarchs.

But, who is actually paying the price? The people of Ukraine and the people of Russia. The rich always make it through these kinds of things. The non-rich suffer for generations.

No one wants a Third World War. However, so far, what has been done doesn’t seem to be having an effect on Putin’s plans, just a delay. For all current practicable purposes, Putin is going to get what he wants. The world will be appalled and shocked, and then will move on. Ukraine will become just another passé news story as we move onto the next big thing.

The Ukrainian people will also adjust as so many other countries invaded by others have done. They will have much less freedom. A drop in population due to casualties of war and retaliations. We’ll continue to send hope and prayers, and strongly worded statements to tyrants. And one of those will have already started their plan for their next invasion, next conquest, next snub of world order. After all, it has happened to other countries around the world over the last 50 years and life has gone on.

It is just a shame that the world continues to spout No, but has no real teeth to stop it! It is a shame the world’s oldest democracy, a supposed beacon of light, will stand by while a much newer democracy falls to an authoritarian.

What message does that send?

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