The Talk

We just finished the talk with our youngest. Not “The Talk,” but The Talk. The Talk is what we have when our kids have gotten close to turning 18.

The Talk is about our expectations in being an adult living at home. It reiterates what we’ve had in place as house rules until now, and raises the bar in terms of adult decision-making and interactions.

Our goal is to help remind and reinforce what we tried to teach, preach, and practice with each of our kids over the years. It is also a reminder we have to fully live with our decisions, and to accept the positive or the negative consequences.

It always ends with letting them know how much we love them. That no matter when they launch into life, we will always be here for support, advice, or a shoulder to cry on.

The Talk is never easy! It marks a major milestone for them, and a harbinger that each of them will soon begin taking the giant leap into independence. We all know that independence is both exhilarating and terrifying, at the same time, a lot of the time.

For the two of us, we just hope and pray they have at least half listened to us, they make good decisions, and they have a safe and happy life. What more could we ask?

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