Why Senator Schumer, Why?

For the life of me I just do not understand the Senate Democrats! I want to blame Congress, but really it is the Senate Democrats, specifically Majority Leader Schumer.

I keep wondering how he became, and has remained, the Majority Leader. He doesn’t seem to be able to actually lead in the way we need. Allowing the senate to adjourn for the holidays is just one more example of his lack of leadership abilities.

He hasn’t learned to message to the masses. He hasn’t learned to play hardball with his caucus. He hasn’t learned how to enroll the few remaining moderate Republicans in the senate. He most certainly hasn’t learned how to act with any sense of urgency as we all watch the fall of our republic.

Almost every day we hear about how the sky is falling, how if the Republicans retake the House or the Senate, they will further erode our voting rights, do away with the January 6 Commission, and a whole slew of other essential needs and rights. Yet, he never acts with any real leadership.

Majority Leader Schumer tweets all the time how the Democrats are fighting for this, or for that, for the American people. He goes on the television saying the same kinds of things.

He is the epitome of all talk and no action!

He will be the cause of a Republican return to the majority.

He will be a root cause of the demise of our great democracy.

I truly do not understand how he remains the majority leader. Senator Amy Klobuchar would be a much better choice. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand would be a much better choice. Senator Elizabeth Warren would be a better choice. Senator Raphael Warnock would be a better choice. Hell, any non-white male would be a better choice.

Maybe that it is it! Maybe the white male privilege is so engrained in Senator Schumer that he just can’t see how he is failing democracy and failing at leading the Senate. The women of conscious get it. The people of color get it. Why doesn’t Majority Leader Schumer get it?

Please Senate Democrats, you’ve got to do better. You’ve got to be so on point 100% of the time. There is no time for vacations, no time to ponder and delay. No time to pretend the senate is operating as it should.

Will no Senator stand up and tell Majority Leader Schumer to light a fire under his behind? If not, it will be on all of the Senate Democrats when history is written. It will say all of you fiddled while Rome fell.

Is that the legacy you want for yourselves?

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