Balance, or Lack Thereof

Things creep. You can be going along where time and routines are pretty well in place. Not set, but a framework on which to build the day. Then…something shifts, and time no longer cooperates.

As with so many organizations, we are short-staffed and have been for many months. Many of my colleagues are doing the task of two or more people. I too am included in this group.

For me, as I can only fully speak for myself, I always want to get a task completed well, and on time. This becomes harder to do based upon circumstances. Not meeting my own expectations of myself can be tough.

I have had to come to terms with the reality and my own capacity. For several months I have been working 50-60 hour weeks. Working the past few months in this way has given me pause. Where does balance come in, or lack thereof.

Every day I have to decide how many hours to devote to work, and when to turn it off. It is like being back in the classroom or at school again with many hours.

Although this may sound like a complaint, it isn’t a complaint. There are always up and downs, and challenges with any job one may have. For me it is that reflection piece, creating and sticking with balance, something I have struggled with in most of the jobs I have had over my lifetime.

You’d think I’d have it solved by now!

If you have any helpful suggestions, I’m all ears.

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