Where is My Horseradish?

We have started a tradition of having Sunday dinner with the Papas now that they live close to us again. There are new recipes and the tried and true.

This past Sunday I decided I wanted to make some salmon, green beans, stuffed mushrooms, and potatoes. For dessert, a last minute decision, I made a banana pudding with strawberries.

The green beans were easy as I used some of the ones I had canned this summer. The salmon I chose to cook using my Joule sous vide tool. Searching the internet, I found a quick stuffed mushroom recipe (delicious by the way). The potatoes were originally going to be in a horseradish potato salad.

I know, I know! Horseradish potato salad! The recipe just looked so tasty and I enjoy some good horseradish at times. When I mentioned I was going to make some, the reaction by a few people was not favorable.

Not wanting to have a dish few would want, I substituted some roasted potatoes instead for dinner. But, I still wanted to make the potato salad to try too.

I began to put all of the ingredients out onto the island. When I opened the refrigerator I got a big surprise. The horseradish I was quite certain was in the door was not there! I looked through the fridge to see if it had been moved. Nada! I then checked the pantry to see if I had an unopened container there. Nada! It is just that I could’ve sworn we still had some horseradish!

With it being too late to go to the store as I had the rest of dinner going, I just opted to make plain potato salad. Although a key ingredient was missing, the recipe turned out really good. In fact, it was almost gone by the end of dinner.

When I went to the store a few days later, guess what I bought? Horseradish! I’m bound and determined to still give that recipe a try.

Making the recipe will have to be after Thanksgiving unfortunately. Right now I’m more focused on the Big Meal and what to also make for our Friendsgiving potluck dish next Friday.

I’ll let you know how it turns out though!

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