Peanut Butter Cookie Battle: Gluten vs Gluten-Free

My former boss’s last day was this past Monday. As a little good luck and thank you celebration, I made some peanut butter cookies.

As I mentioned in a recent post, we have some team members who need gluten-free baked goods. Although I can’t do gluten-free every time, I wanted to do so for the celebration day. So I made two different batches of cookies.

In having two batches, I wanted to have a taste comparison between the gluten versus gluten-free cookies. I followed my tried and true peanut butter cookie recipe with the exact same ingredients, except for the flour.

After they had cooled, we gave them each a taste test. The result was rather unexpected. Both cookies tasted exactly the same. Others who tasted them both also said there was no difference in taste or feel.

Unlike the chocolate chip cookies I made gluten-free the last time, the peanut butter cookies did not have a small grainy/gritty feel to them. The peanut butter cookies didn’t have that texture.

In thinking more about it, I have a hypothesis. I think the peanut butter and melted butter helped the dough be more cohesive. Peanut butter also has a strong flavor, which came through loud and clear.

Now that I know there isn’t a difference, I’ll probably make more of the gluten-free cookie as a staple. They will go into my rotating repertoire of recipes.

Wonder what I should try next. I’m thinking either my well-liked banana bread or a pie crust dough.

What do you think I should give a whirl?

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