Just So Frustrated

We have such a lack of leadership nationally!

Gregg Abbott and the Republicans in Texas have passed a law that allow bounty hunters and vigilantism towards citizens exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights of both body and voting free reign.

Amy Coney Barrett and Samuel Alito give speeches or statements to the press saying the Supreme Court is not a political entity, thus then making the Court political, and diminishing it as an institution.

Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema continue to hold the nation hostage over infrastructure and voter rights bills that will not only help to improve the quality of all of our lives and safety, but will be a huge boost to our economy, and help save the concept and practice of democracy.

Jeff Zuckerberg knows his social media platforms—Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram—are places in which young people (girls in particular) are targeted, lies are spread about Covid, and hosts groups that are intent on subverting democracy. And that doesn’t even come close to the amount of data they are collecting and selling of ours.

Merrick Garland continues to show no interest in pursuing the crimes of the previous administration, covertly and overtly sending the signal that apparently some people are actually above the law regardless of the harm done towards society and democracy.

The House Select Committee continues to abdicate its subpoena and Contempt of Congress authority as a co-equal branch of government.

Chuck Schumer, for all practical purposes, doesn’t seem to be able to enroll and lead his caucus to get anything done in the Senate, nor does he appear to be working to bring some Republicans to their moral and ethical senses in order to negate the power being exerted by Joe Manchin, Kristen Sinema, and Mitch McConnell.

The Press, as a whole, have forgotten what true investigative journalism looks like (circa Watergate and the Pentagon Papers), trading facts and an in-depth check and critical lens on the power of corporations and government, to click-bait and sensationalism.

Corporations are complicit and covertly/overtly showing their approval of the continued rescinding and loss of our civil, voting, and human rights. They no longer view their employees as people to be taken care of and as potential customers, employees are just numbers and a dime-a-dozen—if someone leaves, whomever is left will just have to take up the slack and not complain about it. If it doesn’t help the bottom line, it isn’t of value.

Even a group of people in which we need to place a great amount of trust, Law Enforcement, are no longer trustworthy or community leaders. As a collective, they have allowed white supremacists into their midst, ignored the wrong-doing of their peers, and selectively enforced laws dependent upon the neighborhood and the color of one’s skin. Sadly, there were even some who felt it was okay to participate in an insurrection to overthrow the government.

Lately I’ve been wondering why I even vote or continue to speak out. Really, what’s the point? Over 159 million people cast a presidential vote in 2020—81 million for Biden, 74 million for Trump. A mandate was set, a mandate that is being ignored.

We turned out in record numbers, in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of trumpist intimidation at polling places, in the midst of voter suppression attempts and successes, and yet we voted. For what, a Congress that still can’t get anything of consequence accomplished that would create national opportunities and effect real change for society, citizens, and democracy.

I’m just so frustrated and I’m not sure of the point of it all anymore.

Is it time to just resign myself that democracy is about to end, that old Republican, and apparently some Democrat, white men are going to win and maintain a power structure in which we are actually not created equal (think Apartheid South Africa, Nazi Germany, Putin’s Russia, China)? Do I let it go and mourn for the future of my children and grandchildren, and so on?

Is it finally time to accept the inevitable and plan accordingly?

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