Vacation Week

It has been a while since my last vacation of more than a day or two. Covid put a damper on last year, and again this year. We did get a weekend trip over to New York City, when cases were way down, but the time of decreasing Covid numbers has passed.

I am getting a bit of travel in though. Taking a quick jaunt over to visit my mom and my family living with her. It was also time for a Costco run for her and them. With band season upon us again, meaning weekends are pretty much taken, I took a bit of extra supplies this time just in case I can’t get back for a minute.

Other plans are to place lay mulch on some gardens, start cleaning up the vegetable garden where there won’t be any more harvest, help the Papas as I can with them settling in with the move, celebrating my birthday, and finishing a few books.

So far, I’m on track with my goals. Mulch is about 98% laid. There is one section I need to finish the bordering before putting the last of the mulch down. Papa Rob and I went furniture shopping yesterday, and although not planned, we both left with chairs we were wanting. I’m at my mom’s right now with the visit and supply run done. Birthday plans are in place.

There isn’t much left to do. The garden clean-up is about 50% finished. What is left is to dig up the soil and put my Bokashi scraps mix into the soil. Helping the Papa’s is a just-in-time kind of thing, as needed. Hopefully this evening, I will be able to finish one of the books, with just two to go (I have until Sunday night, so there is still plenty of time).

Once I get home, I’ll finish the veggie garden goal. Then, I can sit on the patio with my books, read a little, nap a little, think a little. It will be a little slice of heaven. Having the dog cuddle up with me will just be icing on the cake.

Time to finish dare to lead (Brown) or Sprint (Knapp). I’m not sure which will be first, but time to get started on my last goal.

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