Loss of Power

My heart goes out to all the people who have been hard hit by Hurricane Ida. So many things are broken, destroyed, not working.

One of these things is the power grid, with so many power lines blown down or damaged. The powers that be are saying some homes may be without power for up to a month.

Stop and think about that. A month without power. No lights. No air conditioning. No hot water. No refrigeration. No cell phone charging. No school. No open businesses. No modern musts or conveniences.

We know whenever there is a hurricane, there will be a loss of power. There is a loss of power because for some reason we don’t seem to learn a lesson about above ground lines.

I’ve always wondered why all powers lines, everywhere in the United States haven’t been buried by now.

Mother Nature brings all kinds of weather that is detrimental to electric lines. She throws hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, ice storms, forest fires, and more at us. And yet, most power lines are still above ground.

Haven’t the power companies paid out more to repair lines over the years than it would have cost to bury older lines, and to legislate all new power lines be underground.

If this one small, simple, even common sense, solution was implemented, most of those in Hurricane Ida’s path would still have power. Why hasn’t the government stepped up to make it happen and to help fund the transition? There is no reason in these modern times for people to lose power. That is, other than a lack of leadership and will power.

Hopefully, someday we will gain both leadership and will power. Until then, we’ll continue to feel for the people affected by natural disasters.

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